EVS – European Voluntary Service

The EVS (European voluntary service) is an international volunteering program financed by the European commission.

The EVS experience allows volunteers to have a great live-changing experience on their personal journey of life, to acquire new skills useful to their personal and professional sides of life, to learn a language and to learn about cultures and lifestyles different from their own. EVS projects promotes social integration and active participation, the basic, the construction of a Europe of the citizens.

The projects can last over a period ranging from 2 to 12 months. Each project involves a partnership between a volunteer, a sending and a hosting organization, as well as an organization coordinator (which can be the sending or the hosting organization).

It is planned that the European Commission covers 90% of the outward / return travel costs and fully covers the cost of meals, accommodation, local transport, insurance and language training. In addition to the volunteer it is also guaranteed a monthly allowance whose amount varies from country to country.

Volunteers in Italy, for example, receive 115 EURO monthly.

The association supports the young people interested in preparing their application and search for the project in compliance with their interests, needs and expectations.

The European Voluntary Service is NOT:

  • occasional volunteer, part-time;
  • an internship in a company, in a humanitarian organization or an NGO;
  • a recreation or tourist;
  • a language course abroad;
  • paid work.


If you want to go, or just want more information, contact us!