Local Projects

Try again, Sam!

The project was born in Turin in 1989. It’s main aim is to prevent school dropouts and to help young people in acquiring their middle school diploma.

This project is part of Eufemia’s curriculum for the school years of 2015/2016 and 2016/2017. Eufemia’s team cooperated with the teachers on weekly basis, supporting them in the development of innovative methods and curricula. These schools that were involved in the project:

  • S.M.S. Alberti / Santorre di Santa Rosa
  • I. C. Montalcini (ex Palmieri) / Pascoli
  • C.P.I.A 1 – ex C.T.P. 3

The project objectives were achieved by offering the following activities and methods:

  • workshops aimed at involving the classes in the morning and afternoon;
  • educational activities, in small groups or individuals, to respond to specific problems of various kinds related to the study at home;
  • generalized action in all classes through laboratories, sports and artistic activities;
  • specific actions agreed with the educational team and the Social Services and Educational, as regards the most serious cases.