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Training courses


The Eufemia association pays special attention to the continuous training of youth workers, educators, teachers, to the exchange of knowledge and good practices in the field of youth and international mobility projects, as well as to networking with its partners at the local and international level.

For this reason, it promotes and participates in various training initiatives and meetings between Youth Workers, both – in Italy and abroad.

The proposals are addressed to teachers, youth workers, parents, university students and researchers, but also to public bodies, third sector organizations and entrepreneurs. At the local level we carry out and we have created several paths, among which we point out:

E + Project Planning

Training course for all those who want to experiment in writing and implementing European projects.

Think global, act local!

The training course to change things in your own city, without losing sight of the European perspective.

Signs in Europe

Training course for the inclusion of deaf young people.

The intercultural aspect assumes here a peculiar characteristic not only as regards the geographical origin, but for the deaf cultures of the different participants.