Signs in Europe I & II

The project “Signs in Europe” happened in 2014 and 2016 in Turin. For the first time in Italy, deaf children from different nationalities gathered together and overcame the linguistic obstacles by working together and sharing their everyday life. Associazione culturale Eufemia, in collaboration with the city of Turin, has brought to life this project,  under the framework of the Erasmus+ program. In September 2014, Eufemia hosted 29 young people from Italy, Turkey and Belarus. The objective of the youth exchange was to raise awareness on topics such as: European values, citizenship, education and unemployment. The project was enriched with a second edition in 2016, consisting of two mobilities: a training course in January and a youth exchange in June. The second edition was bigger, creating a partnership between 9 countries: Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania and Latvia. It was an opportunity for more than 70 people to come together.

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