Local Projects

Pane in Comune

This is a project that creates a community that is fighting against food waste. For 4 years, on Saturdays, we are going to three different street markets in Turin and we collect fruits and vegetables that we divide between the people that are part of this community. Although it is open for everyone, we actively promote equal opportunities and active participation of people with fewer opportunities.

Since October 2015 we are enlarging our project of collection on the unsold goods on the street markets. Already present since 2012 on the zone 3 in Turin, it is now being implemented also on zones 5 and 8. In the selected markets, every Saturday before the closing, the families and the staff of Eufemia, meet and go through the market sellers’ desks to collect what can’t be sold on Monday. After they share all together the goods, according to the number of people in the families. Every week we collect around 500kg of food for more than 50 people.

  • “NEIGHBORHOOD IN TOWN”: Saturday 7-11-15 the project was presented as one of the most righteous of the year and has been awarded from the Major of Turin.
  • “CABBAGES FOR BREAKFAST”: Saturday 2-7-16 in the center of Turin has been hosted an aperitif with other ngos working in projects against food waste, to promote a different way of living the city: more conscious, more solidal and sustainable.
  • “SOLIDARITY AND SHARING FOR AN AFTERNOON”: Saturday 19-11-16 in the market of Corso Racconigi a big event to share and to celebrate 4 years of activity against food waste was celebrated with the market sellers, the local politics and all the people of the district.

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