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Educational tools

Over the years, Eufemia has developed a series of innovative educational tools, which are used in activities, especially with children, also in schools and international environment during youth mobility.

These tools have diversified aims and targets, can be modulated according to the needs of the group and are the result of constant research and experimentation, also in collaboration with other organizations and local realities.

Here you will find the most significant TOOLS we have contributed to develop:

Speaker’s corner

Socio-pedagogical exercise with the aim of encouraging active listening, social inclusion and democratic participation.

E…U… European Identity

What is Europe for you? What does it mean to be European?

What keeps us together?

From these questions a tool developed in collaboration with Coop. Madiba, C.A.S.D. and freelancers at the regional workshop on quality youth work organized by Diaconia Valdese in November 2017.


Put together the logical-mathematical skills, a cardboard ring and two remote-controlled robot … with a code! Fun and learning go hand in hand with this tool in which the foundations of programming languages ​​are discovered.

Relaxing night

Who said that non-formal education cannot be stressful?

Sometimes it can be tiring to question your own ideas, perceptions and even your own spaces. It may also be good for group dynamics to dedicate time to caring for the well-being of individuals. Why not do it all together?

This tool allows to overcome the embarrassment of the physical barrier in a delicate and respectful way and above all in a guided and protected context. Harmony guaranteed!


The lens of environmental sustainability used for a re-reading of the Youthpass, now a classic tool for self-assessment of the skills acquired during a non-formal learning process.

The tool provides insights to assess its impact during international mobility, as well as to disseminate good practices of energy saving and waste reduction even in everyday actions.


For several years, the most interesting instruments at international level have been presented to the Youthworkers community through the Tool Fair.

One of the objectives, citing the website of the National Agency for Youth,

[…] is to trigger the circulation of ideas, instrument approaches, possible narratives in contexts in which narration no longer has space and time to be built and shared; provide the possibility of exchange on approaches, methods and educational tools already tested or to be proposed for the first time in the community of youth workers.

The Toolfair in Italian wants to be a place of reciprocity between peers, which borrows from the fair properly understood its creative chaos given by the presence of more people who, in the fair try to give visibility to the best they have to offer.

In the case of the Toolfair in Italian, as well as tools and approaches, positive values ​​are also transmitted, respect and appreciation of the other to name one, concepts such as inclusion, in the extended sense of the term to hold together, contain and do not exclude. This is, in fact, what we want to favor in the “three-days” of participatory laboratories, when a new tool is tested by a youth worker within a group.

Participants in the proposed workshops are invited to a return: an emotional reaction, an understanding of meaning, forms of transfer of the tool presented to possible future uses. In this way, a cooperative / inclusive context of planning and creativity is created not only for those who present but also for the entire group who, when the tool is effective, facilitates co-planning and does not flatten out on competitive dynamics.

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