Local Projects

“Al Amal, La Speranza” Women’s School

The idea of the “Al Amal, La Speranza” school started from the need expressed by a group of Moroccan women residing in the Borgo San Paolo neighborhood in Turin, in June of 2018.

In response to this proposal, and with Eufemia’s leader role, it started in March and it will last until June a pilot and experimental phase of the school that aims to integrate and socially include women from the neighborhood through formation and educational activities.

The group is mainly composed of foreign women, with little or no knowledge of the Italian language, unemployed or poorly included in the local social fabric.

Specifically, each morning the group (of around 15 women) meet to take various courses developed over 5 days a week (Italian, digital literacy, sewing, motor skills and cooking). Exits on the territory are also planned to promote civic education and knowledge of the territorial and cultural context. The activities take place in the morning, mainly in Via Millio 20 and at the Parish of San Bernardino.

A further objective is to see the conclusion of this pilot phase become a long-term project, with the creation of a new association founded by women who have benefited from this experience and who in turn will continue to offer this service in an autonomous and independent way.

The project is supported by the CRT Foundation, and has the support from the Circoscrizione 3 and from the San Bernardino Parish, which grant the location for the activities.

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