About Eufemia

Associazione di promozione sociale Eufemia (association constituted for the purpose of carrying out social benefits in favor of associates or third parties, for non-profit purposes) was established in January 2010. Today we are a team of youth workers focused on youth mobilities through Erasmus+, social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities, promoting active citizenship and intercultural dialogue. 

Our work is directed towards lifelong learning, sustainability and development of digital skills, using methodologies such as: non-formal education, peer to peer education and learning by doing. In order to achieve that, we develop educational programs in European context (especially in the field of Youth within the Erasmus+ program), as well as collaboration with local partners.

Our team has an extensive experience in “Youth in Action” and “Erasmus+” Programme. We are working on project development by hosting projects, as well as coordinating and facilitating the project implementation of our partners. We have hosted more than 30 projects (youth exchanges and training courses) and we have developed partnerships with more than 100 other projects. Since 2012, we have hosted 10 and sent abroad more than 50 volunteers (EVS).

The projects in the local communities are promoting European values and opportunities, digital and language skills, facing early school leaving and dropouts, facilitating the youngsters in inclusion and group dynamics, and helping families with social and economic obstacles.

The main objectives of our association are:

  • To encourage practices of active citizenship and participation, to spread a culture of human rights, to facilitate mutual understanding, and to celebrate diversity in order to prevent and fight prejudice;
  • To promote activities based on non-formal education methodologies;
  • To involve the citizens in the opportunities that the European Union offers,  such as international mobilities and training opportunities under the framework of Erasmus+;
  • To organize activities for development of soft skills and their relevance for their personal and professional growth.

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Why “Eufemia”?

“Proceeding eighty miles into the northwest wind you reach the city of Euphemia, where the merchants of seven nations gather at every solstice and equinox.

The boat that lands there with a cargo of ginger and cotton will set sail again, its hold filled with pistachio nuts and poppy seeds, and the caravan that has just unloaded sacks of nutmegs and raisins is already cramming its saddlebags with bolts of golden muslin for the return journey.

But what drives men to travel up rivers and cross deserts to come here is not only the exchange of wares, which you could find, everywhere the same, in all the bazaars inside and outside the Great Khan’s empire, scattered at your feet on the same yellow mats, in the shade of the same awnings protecting them from the flies, offered with the same lying reduction in prices.

You do not come to Euphemia only to buy and sell, but also because at night, by the fires all around the market, seated on sacks or barrels or stretched out on piles of carpets, at each word that one man says–such as “wolf,” “sister,” “hidden treasure,” “battle,” “scabies,” “lovers”-the others tell, each one, his tale of wolves, sisters, treasures, scabies, lovers, battles.

And you know that in the long journey ahead of you, when to keep awake against the camel’s swaying or the junk’s rocking, you start summoning up your memories one by one, your wolf will have become another wolf, your sister a different sister, your battle
other battles, on your return from Euphemia, the city where memory is traded at every solstice and at every equinox.”

("Invisible cities – Trading Cities" - Italo Calvino)

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