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EVS “Stop & Win!” – Rivoli

1st June 2018 – 12 months – 2 volunteers


Rivoli and Turin, in the North-West of Italy.

Rivoli is a municipality established around the 1st century in the Province of Turin. It is about 150km east of Milan, really close to the Alps (are you already counting the extra-points of this project?).

Turin is the first capital of Italy and the hosting city of the Winter Olympic Games in 2006…and many other things but you have to come here and to discover by your own.

All the activities will take place in Rivoli, but the volunteers will be hosted in Turin, that offers plenty of possibilities for free time and hanging around.


According to the survey conducted among high schools in town and published in February 2016, it appears that more than 40% of young people between 14 and 19 years old claims to have tried to bet at least once. In the report it is highlighted the dangerous phenomena of gambling, even though for minors this is prohibited by law and that many young students have a disease problem related to gambling.

The city of Rivoli has reacted to the issue and adopted a regulation that turns off the slot machines from 11pm to 12am and prohibited placing them closer than 400 meters from schools, churches, hospitals. But it is clear that the problem is greater and education to raise awareness is needed.


We are looking for two volunteers, aged 18-30.

They will play a supporting role in the activities of the office responsible for the campaign and for the youth life in general.
Volunteers will be encouraged to use their creativity and previous experiences in order to suggest and to improve the quality of the project.

Working time is estimated in 34 hours per week, on 5 days (weekend free).

Main Activities:
In the beginning of the project a lot of attention will be put on volunteers’ inclusion. Therefore Italian language lessons as well as opportunities for social networking with local youth and NGOs will be provided. The training will focus on the skills and knowledge necessary to have an effective role during the following workshops: interpersonal communication, active listening, teamwork, understanding of design concepts of youth policies, management and animation of youth groups. As part of the office work some data analysis and creation of a network will be requested. Weekly evaluation will be provided.

During this phase the volunteers will be engaged in meetings with the local partners that deal with project issues in order to create informative interventions in city schools with the help of a team of experts.  
• Organizing activities of the Youth Information Center, an incubator for integrated and concerted interventions, aimed at promoting opportunities and pathways for young people and support them in individual and collective path oriented autonomy, awareness and citizenship responsible.
• Engagement in activities and entertainment in the youth space Sottoskala, a meeting place for young people with fewer opportunities, related to socio-economic status resident in the suburbs.
• Management of the on-line portal to disseminate and promote EVS experience and Erasmus+
• Creation of newsletters, photo-gallery, forum/blog, etc.
• Management of the website dedicated to the project
• Online searches for studies and actions related to gambling in Italy and volunteers’ home countries;
• Creation of information materials (for example illustrated publications, comics, brochures, posters, etc.), written in English and Italian, to spread the knowledge of issues related to the information campaign and projects. 
• Planning and execution of actions in schools: interactive meetings in small groups with EVS (video presentations and discussions, spreading printed materials, periodical information desk).
• Support the implementation of the Youth Exchange Eurolys 2018.

Find more details here: EVS_Rivoli_InfoPack_Eufemia


Hosting Organisation: Citta di Rivoli (Municipality of Rivoli)

Italian Coordinating Organisation: Associazione Eufemia

How to apply?

Send us your CV and motivational letter in English or Italian, and a picture that represent you (it’s not mandatory your profile photo) at

Deadline for application: 01/02/2018